The Pheasant Inn has been rewarded with many positive reviews over the years, but most recently a thorough insight into the Pheasant’s offerings, with a blog written by two Pheasant fans, entitled Keeping Up With The Custards.

People visit The Pheasant Inn from all over Cheshire, the UK and from oversees. We do our best to accommodate each and every one of our guests, providing a stellar service so they enjoy not only the Pub and Inn facilities but also the picturesque views and popular Cheshire walks.


“I really feel like I have to shout from the rooftops about how good this place is – it’s just awesome in every sense of the word and last week Mr C and I were lucky enough to escape there for 2 nights so let me tell you all about it…..

We arrived at the Pheasant Inn last Wednesday lunch time.  We were obviously a little early to check in but having sampled the delights of the food there before we decided to get there early and enjoy a spot of lunch before checking in!

On arrival at the bar, we were greeted by a really lovely young gentleman who told us he would keep us informed of the progress of our room whilst we were there eating lunch and enjoying the cosy surrounding.  We decided to have a drink first before ordering the food as the fires were on and the pub had a really lovely buzz about it with people dotted here and there chatting, eating and generally having a good old time!

The decision to wait before ordering food was a good one for me though as after we sat down with our drinks, some food came out of the kitchen for another table and the huge portions on the plates took my breath away – they were enormous – although I have to say they looked mouth wateringly good and wouldn’t have looked out of place on a Man V Food challenge!  Being only little, I decided to opt for a roast pork sandwich for lunch instead and save myself for a big meal later but on the menu you can actually have a smaller portion of some of the meals and after talking to the staff later on that evening too, they were more than willing to do a smaller portion of just about anything you wanted!

As our food was delivered to our table and we started to tuck in to the fine fair, I happened to turn around and glance outside to the Pheasant’s terrace (which has to have THE best view from a pub that I have ever seen by the way) and noticed that two walkers had cheekily sat down on one of their benches to enjoy the view whilst eating their own pack up!  I then glanced back at my rustic, wooden board that was filled with a soft white teacake oozing with hot roast pork and apple sauce and compared it to their tiny, crushed, unappetizing sandwiches that were wrapped in foil.  At that point, I suddenly felt a real urge to go out and shout ‘stop being so tight!  Look what you’re missing!’  The shouting didn’t materialise though as I didn’t want my pork to go cold but hey – you just can’t help some people sometimes either can you? Anyway – I think you get the message that our lunch was just lush!”


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